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  • Patient Advocate: Have concerns? feedback? Tell us how we can do better.
  • Confidentiality: How does Gannett protect my privacy?
  • Health records: How do I request a copy of my health records?
  • Eligibility: Can I use Gannett if I don't have the Student Health Insurance Plan?
  • Payment: How much and how do I pay for services?
  • Insurance: Where do I find information about health insurance at Cornell?
  • Care outside Gannett: How do I find other health services in the area?
  • Referrals: Do I need a referral to see someone outside Gannett?
  • Building: What are the plans for the new health services facility?

Gannett Spotlights


Do the right thing

Never let fear of legal or judicial consequences keep you from calling 911 for help in an alcohol or other drug emergency. Learn more


Sexual Harassment & Assault - Response & Education is designed to provide the Cornell community with information and resources related to sexual violence.
Learn more

Chakra balancing

Yoga Up!

Try a month of yoga! Free classes in Kripalu Yoga will be offered at the WSH Garden Room during the fall semester. Learn how to use your breath to prevent burnout and fuel your inner fire. Learn more

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Live Well to Learn Well


IT'S OK TO NOT BE OK! This is a good time in the semester to take a pause and give yourself some slack for not having it all together. Learn more

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