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Requirements for New Students

Gannett Health Services
110 Ho Plaza
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-3101

Tel: 607 255-5155
Fax: 607 255-0269


Gannett Requirements Office
Phone: 607 255-4364 or 6951 
Fax: 607 255-0269



Your first interaction with Gannett may be around the health requirements that you must meet as an incoming student. These public health requirements exist for your protection and for the protection of your fellow students. We hope you will experience them as the beginning of our partnership in caring for your health. We strive to make them as clear and simple for you to meet as possible within public health guidelines.

Health history form

Every new student is required to complete Cornell’s Health History Form. This form provides Gannett with health information required to comply with state and federal laws and assure quality health care for students when they are in the Ithaca area. All students must complete this form.

This form is completely confidential (with NO connection to any part of Cornell other than Gannett Health Services).

The Health History Form is available online only

The process of completing the Health History Form will probably take several weeks so please plan ahead to obtain records, schedule an appointment with your health care provider, and complete the form on time. Health history information and supporting documents must be provided in English.

  1. Obtain your official immunization records from your health care provider or school. You will need them to complete the online Health History Form.
  2. Access the Health History Form at
  3. Complete the form online. Follow instructions carefully to assure compliance with requirements.
  4. Print the form on white 8 1/2 x11 (A4) paper.
  5. Provide signatures where instructed. (Your form is incomplete without them.)
  6. Take all five pages to your health care provider to obtain information and signatures related to physical exam and/or immunizations.
  7. Mail your completed form by the deadline to:

Gannett Health Services
Requirements Office
110 Ho Plaza
Ithaca, NY 14853-3101


Your electronic and paper Health History forms must be submitted by the deadline.

Students entering in fall semester
June 10, 2014
Fall transfer students
August 1, 2014
Students entering in the spring semester
December 19, 2014
Students with late acceptances
within 4 weeks of acceptance


Upon receipt of your form, Gannett Health Services will review it to make sure you have met all requirements.

You will be charged a $100 LATE FEE if you have not achieved full compliance with all requirements by August 8, 2014 (January 9, 2015 for spring entrants)

If you are unable to get the required immunizations from your health care provider at home, you can get them at Gannett. Call 607 255-4364 to schedule an immunization appointment as soon as you arrive on campus, and you will not be charged the late fee.