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National College Health Improvement Project

Gannett Health Services
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Cornell University
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(NCHIP) Learning Collaborative on High-Risk Drinking

Between 2011 and 2014, Cornell joined with colleges and universities from around the country to address the problem of high-risk drinking. The NCHIP Learning Collaborative used evaluation and measurement techniques to identify and implement strategies to tackle high-risk drinking and the associated harm.

Cornell's campus improvement team (see members, below) spent 18 months working with researchers and scientists from The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice (TDI), bringing public health solutions and quality improvement methods to bear on the problem of high-risk drinking. They used outcomes-based research (based on the Plan, Do, Study Act model— PDSA) to discover what programs work best, where they work, and why. 

Learn more about Cornell's perspective by watching a short video clip at the bottom of this page.

Cornell aims and strategies in action

  • What do the data say about drinking at Cornell?
  • Who experiences the most harm?
  • What can be done to change the picture?

We made progress! View the latest data report from Cornell's NCHIP team (pdf)

The three documents below were used (in a poster format) to help share Cornell's story with other NCHIP collaborators. We plan to draw upon lessons learned in future campus collaborations.

June 2011 poster

NCHIP poster

View Cornell's June 2011 poster (pdf, 1.11 MB)

January 2012 poster

AOD Poster_JAN

View Cornell's January 2012 poster (pdf, 2.28 MB)

July, 2012 poster


View Cornell's July, 2012 poster (pdf, 999.66 KB)


View Cornell's June 2013 poster (pdf, 444 KB)

Cornell's NCHIP team involved cross-campus collaboration, including the following individuals:

Travis Apgar; Associate Dean of Students; Office of Fraternities, Sororities, and Independent Living

Sarah Balik; student; Executive Vice President, Student Assembly

Geoffrey Block; student; Member, Student Assembly

Alexandra Boehrer; student; Executive Director, Cornell University Emergency Medical Services

Joe Burke; Associate Dean of Students; Director, Residential Programs

Janet Corson-Rikert; Assistant Vice President for Campus Health; Executive Director, Gannett Health Services

Greg Eells; Director, Counseling and Psychological Services, Gannett Health Services

Marne Einarson; Associate Director, Institutional Research and Planning

Colin Foley; student; President, InterFraternity Council

Mary Beth Grant; Judicial Administrator

Catherine Holmes; Associate Dean of Students, Student Activities

Kent Hubbell; Dean of Students; Professor of Architecture

Deborah Lewis; Alcohol Projects Coordinator, Gannett Health Services

Tim Marchell; Director of Mental Health Initiatives, Gannett Health Services

Susan Murphy; Vice President, Student and Academic Services

Brendan O'Brien; Director, International Students and Scholars

Kirsten Post Eynav; Health Educator, Gannett Health Services

Eric Silverberg; student; President, Cayuga's Watchers

Carlin Van Holmes; student; President, PanHellenic Association

Kathy Zoner; Chief, Cornell University Police

For more information

Contact Tim Marchell, PhD
Director of Mental Health Initiatives
Gannett Health Services

Addressing the Problem of High-Risk Drinking: Cornell and NCHIP

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