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Assault (Physical, Sexual)

Gannett Health Services
110 Ho Plaza
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-3101

Tel: 607 255-5155
Fax: 607 255-0269

In case of emergency

♦ ON CAMPUS, call the Cornell Police.

  • 911 from a campus phone
  • 607 255-1111 from a cell or non-campus phone
  • Blue Light Phone or campus emergency phone: lift the receiver or press the button

♦ OFF CAMPUS, call 911

Urgent care

♦ Gannett 24/7 phone consult: 607 255-5155 

Cayuga Medical Center

Transportation options 

More information about what to do in an emergency

HELP! My friend drank too much. 

Calling 9-1-1 for help is not a crime. Learn what to do in an alcohol emergency (and review the Good Samaritan Protocol).



Gannett Services

If you are the victim of a physical assault, sexual assault or rapebias-related incident, or other crime or threatening circumstances while on the Cornell campus, your safety and health are our utmost concern

We provide:

  • medical services and assistance connecting with the emergency department at the hospital
  • counseling services and support groups through CAPS
  • consultation and referral with on-call health care provider and counselor, available by phone  (call 255-5155)
  • advocacy for any member of the Cornell community who has been the victim of a crime or other traumatic incident, regardless of where it occurred. Cornell's Victim Advocate supports individuals who have been raped, assaulted, beaten, harassed, or hazed (call 255-1212)

Please do not let concerns about finances be a barrier to seeking services you need. Financial assistance is available. All services are confidential. (Learn more about fees, confidentiality, and financial assistance.)

Cornell Police

Contact the Cornell Police at 607 255-1111 or 911 if you need immediate assistance. The police have special training to assist victims of assault and can help you:

  • get to safety
  • receive emergency care for injuries
  • access supportive services
  • if you choose to do so, gather important evidence and/or make a report of the crime.

On campus, if you believe that you are in danger for any reason, call 911 or use the nearest Blue Light or other campus emergency phone to put you in immediate contact with Cornell Police. If you use a Blue Light or campus emergency phone, the location of the phone will be displayed on the Cornell Police switchboard, so help will be sent to that location immediately, whether or not you are able to communicate with the dispatcher. 

Cornell Police personnel, trained in the techniques and legal aspects of evidence collection and adjudication, will also help victims obtain appropriate treatment and support services.

If you feel unsafe walking on the Cornell campus, call the Cornell Police or a friend to accompany you to a safe place. Make sure you know about Cornell's Blue Light Services, designed to promote and preserve personal security and well-being on the Cornell campus, particularly at night.

The Advocacy Center

Ithaca's Advocacy Center provides counseling and support for children, teen, and adult surviviors of sexual abuse, assault, or harassment. Trained volunteers provide rape counseling, advocacy and accompaniment services to survivors of sexual assault, their families and friends.

phone: 607 277-3203
24 hour hotline: 277-5000
P.O. Box 164
Ithaca NY  14851

Harassment and Discrimination

Review Cornell's Guide for Responding to Harassment and Discrimination (pdf).

To make a report: