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Consult With a Campus Resource

Gannett Health Services
110 Ho Plaza
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-3101

Tel: 607 255-5155
Fax: 607 255-0269

Depending on the nature of the situation, you may want to draw from a number of on-campus or local resources. One of your first steps is to decide how urgent the problem is. Then, find a good match.

If the situation is an emergency 

If you have a concern about immediate threats to safety, call 911 or the Cornell Police: 607 255-1111. Examples of an emergency include:

  • aggressive actions (toward self, other humans, animals or property)
  • behavior that is unresponsive to the external environment 
  • incoherence/ being passed out from alcohol or drug intoxication 
  • disconnection from reality/psychosis 
  • unmitigated disruptive behavior
  • any other situation that feels threatening or dangerous to you

If it is NOT an emergency, but still urgent 

Urgent situations which should be directed to CAPS (607 255-5155) or the Cornell Police (255-1111) include a student who:

  • expresses extreme hopelessness, depression or suicidal thinking (but not an imminent threat)
  • appears to be out of touch with reality (but not threatening)
  • sends ranting or rambling emails that do not make much sense
  • isn’t eating or is demonstrating other unhealthy eating habits

 The following are examples of situations that are concerning and require a response, but may not necessitate an initial call to CAPS: Consider the student who:

  • is not fulfilling class obligations (e.g., assignments, exams, attendance at office hours or appointments)
  • seems to be isolating in his/her residence hall room
  • not attending to personal hygiene
  • plummets academically   
  • a student who is frequently observed crying
  • a student who is practicing high-risk sexual or drinking behavior 
  • is over-exercising 
  • alludes to or directly expresses emotional distress

In these instances, you may want to first call for consultation and advice:

  • The student's college/school's academic advising or student services office
  • Office of the Dean of Students, Office of Student Support: 607 255-1115 for advice regarding appropriate resources for any student 
  • Residential Programs Office: 255-5533 for consultation regarding a student who lives on campus (including graduate & professional student housing) 
  • International Students and Scholars Office: 255-5243 for consultation regarding any international student (graduate or undergrad)

They can contact other network partners/resources to get a broader picture of the student, advise you on next steps &/or work with you to create a plan to support the student.

Resources for Staff and Faculty Support

Working to support a student experiencing any level of distress can be physically and emotionally draining. 

The Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) is available to all faculty and staff members for support/de-briefing during or after a challenging situation; 607 255-2673 (255-COPE) .

The Office of Inclusion and Workforce addresses equal opportunity, affirmative action, diversity, and the "balance"  between work and personal life; 607 255-3976.


Contact CAPS

phone: 607 255-5155 or 5208
fax: 607 254-5244
urgent care: 607 255-5155