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Role of Academic Advising & Student Services

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Academic advising, deans, and student services offices help students make the most of Cornell's resources. They support students who are feeling vulnerable, confused, overwhelmed, or in need of guidance regarding academic "fit" or success.

When stress interferes with a student's progress toward degree requirements: including poor class attendance, missing work or exams, or when a student exhibits behavior that is disruptive or worrisome, the student's college academic advising or student services office should be notified.

Making connections

These staff members work diligently to connect with students who might be struggling in some way (academically, socially, emotionally), and to assist them in successfully navigating a challenge. Advising and student services personnel work closely with other offices, departments, and individuals across campus to support students as fully as possible.

Academic advising and student services offices

Please review specific information and guidance from the each college or school:

A Staff Handbook

"Recognizing and Responding to Students in Distress" (pdf) is a comprehensive resource developed for Cornell staff. Learn more