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Bias-Related Activity

Gannett Health Services
110 Ho Plaza
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-3101

Tel: 607 255-5155
Fax: 607 255-0269

Services in the wake of bias-related activity 

Gannett is committed to active participation in the creation of a climate that welcomes, respects, and celebrates diversity. We also provide confidential care and support for people affected (directly or indirectly) by bias-related activity, discrimination, and harassment.

24/7 phone consultation

You can reach a Gannett health care provider by phone anytime of day or night, even when Gannett Health Services is closed. We can listen, give advice, help you think about whether you (or someone else) needs care (now or later), and arrange transportation to health care, if necessary. You can call us from anywhere: 607 255-5155.

Medical care

In case of injury or illness immediately following or sometime after an incident, Gannett can provide medical evaluation and treatment. Call 607 255-5155 to schedule an appointment. You may also schedule an appointment through myGannett. When necessary, we can facilitate a referral to emergency or specialty care. In an emergency, call immediately for assistance.

Counseling services

For confidential support, students can speak with a professional counselor at Gannett or at one of our Let's Talk locations. Call 607 255-5155 to schedule an appointment or consult by phone with a counselor.

  • Emergency appointments are available every week-day.  
  • Our counselors also provide free, confidential consultation to friends or other members of the community who are concerned about a another student and want to talk with someone about behavior you are witnessing, things that the person has said, or ways to help or get the person to help.

Faculty, staff, postdocs, and visiting scholars can speak with a counselor in the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP). Call 607 255-2673 to schedule an appointment or consult with an FSAP counselor.

Victim advocates

Cornell’s Victim Advocacy Program provides free and confidential assistance to any member of the Cornell community who has been the victim of a crime or violent incident on or off campus. Its primary focus is to assist victims of assault, rape, and other sex offenses, and bias-related crimes or incidents.  

You can reach the Victim Advocacy Program by phone at 607 255-1212 or e-mail Victim Advocates can be reached during regular business hours Monday through Friday. (If you need to consult after-hours or on weekends, you can talk by phone 24/7 with a Gannett health care provider.)

Patient advocate

Gannett is committed to providing quality health services to all members of the Cornell community who rely on our services. We depend on our patients, clients, and other users of Gannett to communicate with us about their needs, concerns, suggestions, complaints, and other experiences as we strive to improve our services to individuals and to this community. Though we strive to be “part of the solution” to bias-related incidents at Cornell, we strongly encourage anyone who has an experience at Gannett that seems to be “part of the problem” to talk with one of our Patient Advocates or any staff member. You will be heard and respected; we will use your experience to change and improve. You can reach a Gannett Patient Advocate by phone at 607 255-3564 or e-mail.

Reporting bias activity or discrimination at Cornell

If you (or any member of the Cornell community) experience or witness bias activity, discrimination, or harassment, please learn about your options for reporting or getting support through Cornell's Bias Response Program; or you can access the university's online bias reporting form directly to submit information regarding bias activity.

Students who have experienced discrimination on the basis of disability should review this information about the grievance procedure provided by Student Disability Services.