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Health Records

Gannett Health Services
110 Ho Plaza
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-3101

Tel: 607 255-5155
Fax: 607 255-0269

Your health record

Every time a Gannett health care provider has an encounter with you — in an appointment, on the phone, or through email — that information is documented in your health record. Your health record is a collection of those confidential documentations. Examples of documentation found in your health record include:

  • completed health history form
  • any appointment or treatment you had
  • lab reports
  • x-ray reports
  • prescriptions
  • email communication between you and any Gannett provider
  • copies of referrals you may have received
  • consult reports (a summary of your visit with the clinician you were referred to)
  •  any documents received from other clinics (i.e., previous health records)
  • any release of information form you have signed

These records are maintained by our health records staff who are trained to ensure that these files are complete, confidential, and accessible to you. The privacy and confidentiality of your records is protected by law.

Electronic health record

Since July 2009, Gannett has been using a fully electronic health record (EHR). EHRs reflect the state of the art in health care and support a range of improvements in treatment decisions and care management, confidential communication with the health care team, access to information for patients (e.g., current appointments, visit history, billing statements, immunization record), and greater efficiency for providers and patients. Learn more about the secure patient portal that is part of Gannett's EHR, "myGannett." (Some Gannett patients/clients who initiated care before 2009 may still have a paper chart.)


How long are my health records kept?

Most health records are kept for seven years. 

Students 7 years after last date as a registered student
Faculty and staff 7 years after date of last visit (once no longer employed)
Other patients 7 years after date of last visit
Occupational medicine patients 30 years after last day of employment

How do I request copies of my health records?

A request for health records must be made in writing. Complete Gannett’s Authorization For Release of Health Records (pdf). This form is also available at the main desk on Level 3.

When you have completed the Release, you can:  

  • Turn it in at Gannett's main desk on Level 3
  • Fax it to: 607 255-0269
  • Mail it to:
    Gannett Health Services
    ATTN: Health Records Department
    Ho Plaza
    Ithaca , NY 14853-3101  

If you believe it would be helpful for your medical clinician, counselor, or psychiatrist to talk with someone else about your health concerns or treatment, please discuss it with her or him. Together, you can decide what should be shared with whom and during what time frame. We will need your signed permission, using this Authorization for Release of Health Information.

Do I have to pay for copies of my health records to be released?
  • Copies of records sent directly to another health care provider for treatment are sent free of charge.  
  • Copies of immunizations are generally provided free of charge (always free of charge when accessed through myGannett).  
  • If you want copies of health records for other reasons, the charge is 75 cents per page.
  • There is an additional charge for radiology records.
How long will it take for my records to be copied?

Records will be mailed or ready for pick up as soon as possible, usually within 5 to 10 business days.

Can health records be faxed?

For your protection, it is our policy to fax health records only when they are needed for a patient care encounter and will not arrive in time for the visit if mailed.

Health Records department

Because of the importance of health records to patients, clients, and providers, and the complexity of managing and protecting these records, the Health Records department is one of the most important Gannett departments. Our staff assures understanding of and compliance with the strict regulations that guide how records are organized and used, and provide the highest standards of protection. 

The Health Records department also ensures that all Cornell students comply with federal and state health requirements before they matriculate or as new requirements are imposed. We do our best to welcome new students and provide clear information and assistance, even as we play the role of "enforcer."

May I request that all of my health information that may be generated in the future be released to my parents until I graduate?

Sorry, no. Authorizations cannot be given prior to treatment. The authorization must state specifics such as the diagnosis/condition permitted to be released. Blanket authorizations (pdf) to parents/guardians are not valid unless the patient has a chronic medical problem that requires extended treatment.

How may I request to see or amend my Protected Health Information (PHI), or request changes to how my PHI is communicated or disclosed? 

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”) gives you the right to see, amend, or change how Gannett handles the Protected Health Information (PHI) we have on record for you. Learn more -- and find request forms -- on our Forms page.

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Administrative Assistant
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Requirements, Administrative Assistant

Medical record rights

Learn more about your Medical Record Rights in NY, including what records you have the right to get and amend and for how long your record must be kept.