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Gannett Health Services
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What's on the minds of Cornell students when it comes to their health? All kinds of things ... from acne to addiction ... stomach aches to sexual health ... depression to diets ... hazing to helping a friend.

This section provides perspective, information, and recommendations related to issues on the minds of the majority of Cornell students, as well as many that are of concern to only a few. The topics listed in the left-hand navigation may or may not reflect your current concerns. However, they do influence the health of the campus community of which you are a part. Many of the topics raise controversial questions, and create special risks and concerns that can benefit from an informed perspective.

We hope this information and links to other useful web sites will support your efforts to be productive, successful, healthy, and happy during your time at Cornell. Be sure to visit the  Health A-Z section of this site while you're here. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about this section of our website, please contact us