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Alcohol-Wise is a web-based alcohol education program designed to assist students in making healthy decisions regarding alcohol use in college. The program takes about 90 minutes to complete and includes information on:

  • how expectations influence behavior
  • alcohol’s effect on learning and memory
  • recognizing and responding to an alcohol-related emergency
  • blood alcohol concentration and low-risk drinking strategies

Based on students’ responses to a confidential questionnaire at the beginning of the program, Alcohol-Wise provides personalized information based on gender and drinking behavior. Alcohol-Wise is relevant to students who drink and those who abstain from alcohol.

Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Alcohol-Wise.
Q.   How do students access the course?

A.  Go to  to complete this website the course. 

Q.   An organization I am joining requires a "Certificate of Completion" from Alcohol-Wise. How do I get one? 

A.   Students can login to their course at any time after finishing Part 1 and the Part 2 follow-up. Simply click on the link provided within Alcohol-Wise to view and print a Certificate of Completion. 

(You can also login and click on a link to see and reprint your "eCHECKUP TO GO" personalized feedback.)

Q.   I am a transfer student. Do I need to take Alcohol-Wise?  

A.   No, transfer students do not need to take Alcohol-Wise.

Q.   What about students who do not have easy access to computers at home or in their community?

A.   We ask that you consider all the possibilities for accessing a computer.  A friend or family member may be willing to let your use their computer for this purpose. Also, many local libraries have computers available with internet access.

If it is truly impossible to access a computer with the necessary technical capabilities, you may receive an extension to complete Alcohol-Wise early in the fall semester in order to take the course on a Cornell computer. Please e-mail or call Kirsten Post Eynav at 607 255-4782.

Q.   What if a student’s home computer freezes or crashes while trying to run the program?  

A.   First, contact Alcohol-Wise’s 24 hour technical support at 888-810-7990 to see if something can be done to optimize the performance of your computer. If that does not solve the problem, please e-mail or call Kirsten Post Eynav at 607 255-4782 for an extension in order to take the course on a Cornell computer early in the fall semester.

Q.   Why is Cornell implementing Alcohol-Wise? Is there a drinking problem here?  

A.   Cornell is pretty typical of most college campuses when it comes to alcohol use. Most people here drink moderately or do not drink at all. The info on Alcohol-Wise is really about helping people think through decisions related to alcohol use.
On-line alcohol education is a new strategy available for addressing the University’s ongoing goal of reducing high-risk drinking and related harm. The President’s Council on Alcohol and Other Drugs recommended that all incoming students complete Alcohol-Wise.

Q.   What does research say about Alcohol-Wise?  

A.   Preliminary research on Alcohol-Wise is promising. Research conducted with Alcohol-Wise and on one of the program's components, e-CHUG, have shown encouraging results (go to Alcohol-Wise for links to research articles).

For more information at Cornell University

Contact: Kirsten Post Eynav
Community Health Educator
Gannett Health Services
607 255-4782

For product information

Contact Go to the Alcohol-Wise website