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Cornell and the local community have many resources to address your interests, needs, and concerns relating to nutrition. Read on to locate counseling, consulting, classes, information, support groups, workshops, and more. For additional resources please review the CHEP Fact Sheet (pdf).

The following resources are listed for your information and not as an endorsement or exclusion of available information and services. Please consult with a health care provider if you have questions or concerns.

Nutrition Counseling and Services at Cornell

We are fortunate to have a number of excellent resources related to nutrition, weight management, eating problems, and special food plans, right here at Cornell.

  • Cornell Healthy Eating Program (CHEP): The Cornell Health Eating Program (CHEP) provides high quality, integrated nutrition, medical, and psychological services under one roof at Gannett to work with nutrition as well as eating problems of undergraduate and graduate students in the Cornell community; 607 255-5155.
  • Cornell Dining: Managers, a dietitian, and chefs can answer questions about food, special diets and meal planning at the campus dining halls. Ask at the dining halls or contact Cornell Dining at 201 Robert Purcell Community Center; 607 255-8582.
  • EARS (Empathy Assistance and Referral Service): Cornell students provide walk-in and telephone peer counseling and referral service, as well as outreach programs on request. Contact EARS at 211 Willard Straight Hall; 607 255-EARS.
  • Cornell Fitness Centers: Nutrition analysis and classes are available for students who are members.
  • The Wellness Program: Information, workshops, classes and nutrition counseling are available for faculty and staff (some programs are open to students); call 607 254-2985 or 255-3886.

Nutrition Counseling and Services in the Community

The community surrounding Cornell provides many resources for nutrition. Staff and non-students, in particular, may wish to make use of these services.

  • Cayuga Center for Healthy Living (at Island Heath and Fitness Center): Individual nutrition counseling, diabetes education, and weight loss classes are offered in partnership with Cayuga Medical Center; 252-3590.
  • Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County: An excellent resource for educational materials and programs; 607 272-2292.
  • Diabetes Self-Management Program: This free six-week program is run by the Tompkins County Health Department for anyone with Type 1, Type 2, or Pre-Diabetes. Registration required, call 211 to register.
  • Food Addicts in Recovery: Free, confidential 12-step peer support group for people with food addiction; 607 387-8329.
  • Green Cuisine: Michele Wilbur (RD, CDN) provides nutrition counseling and support through her private practice, "Green Cuisine."
  • Ithaca Nutrition Solutions: Cindy Milner (MSEd, RD) provides an "intuitive eating" approach to nutrition counseling; 607 277-2049.
  • Lifetime Nutrition Services: Nancy Peckinpaugh (MS, RD, CDE) provides individual consultation and workshops on general nutrition and special concerns throughout the life cycle, including sports nutrition, pregnancy, weight management, and diabetes control; 607 272-1297. 
  • Nutrition Action Associates: Susan Travis (MS, RD) provides counseling on weight management, eating disorders, athletic performance, special diets; workshops available; 607 533-4870.
  • Upstate New York Eating Disorder Service: Carolyn Hodges (MS, RD) and associates offer comprehensive treatment for eating disorders; 607 732-5646.
  • Nutrition Counseling: Cathy J. Saloff-Coste (MS, RD, CDN) provides nutrition counseling and support for eating disorders, healthy weight management, sports nutrition, and healthy vegetarian meal planning; 607 277-2053.
  • Nutrition and Wellness Counseling: Lewis Freedman (RD) provides nutrition, stress management, lifestyle coaching; has experience with vegetarian diets; 607 539-6673.
  • Overeaters Anonymous (OA): Free, confidential 12-step peer support group for people with weight or eating problems; local meetings: 607 387-8253.
  • Weight Watchers: A national program for weight loss is run by a trained leader with groups that meet on and off campus; there is a weekly fee; 800 234-8080.

Local Food Assistance

Programs, Workshops, and Training

  • Cornell Healthy Eating Program (CHEP): Provides outreach to Cornell students and staff in the form of programs, workshops, consulting and training. CHEP collaborates with other campus groups in bringing speakers and promoting programs on campus and locally. CHEP can help arrange a speaker, suggest a video for discussion, or plan a bulletin board for your residence hall. 

Workshops can be designed for your group on a range of nutrition topics, (e.g., nutrition and health, sports nutrition, body image, vegetarianism, eating problems, how to help a friend). To consult about creating a workshop, contact the Skorton Center for Health Initiatives at Gannett, or phone 607 255-4782. For best results, plan ahead by at least a few weeks.

If you are concerned about a particular individual with an eating problem, a workshop might not be the best strategy. A caring approach with that person is usually most effective.  For more information on this topic, go to How to Help a Friend.

National Resources

  • National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) is dedicated to providing education, resources and support to those affected by eating disorders.
  • National Organization for Women (NOW) Foundation's Love Your Body Campaign encourages women and girls to celebrate their bodies and reject the narrow beauty ideals endorsed in the media. Check out the new project: Let's Talk About It.
  • provides easy access to the best food and nutrition information from across the federal government. It serves as a gateway to reliable information on nutrition, healthy eating, physical activity, and food safety for consumers.

Printable Gannett brochures for nutrition and eating problems

See Nutrition Fact Sheets

Printed brochures on eating disorders, body image, helping, others, and general nutrition

Visit Health Promotion on Level 3 of the Gannett building.


On reserve at Cornell's Uris Library:

  • Surviving an Eating Disorder: Strategies for Family and Friends Siegel, Brisman & Weinshel
    A book that offers effective solutions and support for family and friends of those with eating disorders.
  • Brave Girl Eating Harriet Brown
    A mother's story of her daughter's experience with anorexia, and how the family helped her recover.
  • Life Without Ed Jenni Schaeffer
    An illustration of a unique approach to treating eating disorders through the points of view of both patient and therapist.

Local Food Guide

Learn more about producers of various local foods; farm markets and roadside stands; honey and maple producers; u-pick farms; and community supported agriculture (CSA).


Love Your Body